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Separate Ladies & Gents Workout Areas

At Fitness Point you can work-out without being bothered about who is working-out alongside you. With separate workout areas for ladies and gents, you have a complete privacy to work-out without feeling awkward in front of opposite gender.


The Gym is well equipped with sufficient number of technically correct equipments. A well equipped Cardio area with Treadmills, Recumbent Bikes and Cross Trainers in each section allows you ample variety and reduces waiting time.


A good trainer can work wonders and help you achieve desired results. Our well Trained Trainers will help you achieve your fitness Goals by designing tailor made programs for you.

If you want to achieve specific goals, you can opt for 'Personal Trainer' who will help you launch a smart exercise program, move beyond stubborn plateaus, break out of fitness ruts, and re-energise your workout. Along the way, they'll challenge you, change your outlook and build your confidence, with results that extend far beyond the mirror.


A soothing environment with aesthetically designed interior will encourage you to be at the gym every day.


A clean and hygienic environment will keep you away from the infections and provide freshness for your workouts.

Convenient Locations

Being conveniently located and approachable from every part of the city, Fitness Point is fast becoming the preferred destination for the fitness freaks.


Fitness Point has its branches in Aurangabad, Pune and in Nasik